For us, Eton has meant relief.

Relief from endless struggling to do homework and from trying to "swim upstream" so to speak.

For Jordan, Eton has been a place where he has been accepted and while he may never be an honor roll student, he has been able to experience success.

Eton provided the individualized attention he so desperately needed. We received regular feedback and always felt like we knew what was going on. The teachers at Eton have all been terrific.

We will be forever grateful.

-- Laura and Tony Ferrugia, Eton parents of Jordan, Class of 2009 graduate

Eton has been a wonderful place for us!

Before Eton, Nicolas had been to elementary school and worked with reading teachers there, and we had even done tutoring outside, but it never was quite enough to get him where he needed to be.

Then, we found Eton and their wonderful outlook of finding the right teaching style to match the child. It's not that children can't learn, but that they need to learn in a different way. That philosopy is wonderful, and I agree with it.

What we were looking for, when we first came to Eton, was a place that could help Nicolas with his reading skills. He is dyslexic. When he started at Eton, his reading skills were ... well ... not great. So he needed some new strategies, and he found that at Eton.

Now I'm very confident that Nicolas can read. He's got the confidence that he can do it, too. It's a skill he'll need for the rest of his life, and Eton gave him that skill. He leaves here with that wonderful skill, he's got it forever and I'm not sure he could have got it any other way.

-- Cheryl Montemayor, Eton mom of Nicolas, former Eton student now attending Northville High School

Thank you Eton.

In addition to the fact that Andy would never have survived middle school and high school if it had not been for Eton, I want you to know how wonderful the basketball program has been for him. He loves the game, but never would've been able to play if he were not at Eton. He is becoming a better player with every game.

I want to tell you, though, we have had many long rides home after games these past few years when Andy would become very upset because he didn't score a basket or play as well as he thought he should have.

A couple of games ago, he played well, but didn't score. I wondered what the ride home would be like. The most wonderful thing happened that night ...

One of the other players, Kyle, came up to Andy after the game, locked him in a bear hug and said something like, "Gorga, you rock. You played the best I have ever seen you play!" Kyle then looked at me and said, "You need to get this kid some ice cream on the way home. Andy played great!"

That compliment, from a peer, increased Andy's self-esteem so much.

Andy has experiences like this because of Eton.

We have never regretted our decision to send Andy to Eton because it is the perfect environment for him. It is because of Eton that he feels like he has many friends and has been an Honor Roll student all the way through.

-- Nancy and Robert Gorga, Eton parents of Andy, graduate Class of 2009