Because Eton Tutors are Pros

Eton Tutor Pros offer a wealth of experience teaching students with learning differences. They adapt lessons to the student's learning style and use teaching methods not found in other schools.

Every Eton Tutor Pro successfully completed specialized teaching methodologies including:

  • The Eton ApproachTM
  • Step Up To Writing
  • Schools Attuned
  • Orton Gillingham

Additionally, Eton Tutor Pros:

  • Have taught in their area of expertise for at least three years. More than 90 per cent of Eton Tutor Pros hold advanced degrees.
  • Provide students with supplemental support for their daily schoolwork by guiding students through their lessons one step at a time.
  • Use proven teaching techniques to support and guide students who want to increase their understanding of a specific subject, because they have difficulty in the subject area or want to increase their overall understanding of the subject.