Eton Academy 2017 Summer Programs

Eton Academy is the premier school in Michigan for educating students with learning challenges and gives every student who learns differently a chance to succeed. Eton's Summer Programs offer academic and enrichment opportunities for Eton and non-Eton students.

Each of Eton's summer camps are custom designed and taught by Eton teachers and include a variety of theme-based activities. Our Summer Programs focus on building executive functioning skills such as organization, time management, social skills and work completion strategies along with learning strategies to build upon our knowledge in the academic areas of Math, Reading Writing, and PE Skills Improvement. These activities are delivered in a fun and engaging way and to appeal to kids with reading, attention, and other learning challenges.

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 Eton's Summer Programs are structured with three very specific approaches:

Academic Program — Eton Summer Programs are taught in a way that reinforces the learning that took place during the academic school year.

Social Skill Development — Students participate in daily activities with an emphasis on socialization and making and keeping friends, which further promotes growth and personal development.

Recreational Activities — Recreation is structured and age appropriate, allowing all children to experience team activities, as well as structured free play. This component includes a "morning stretch" allowing campers to socialize and burn morning "blahs."