Discovery, Celebration, Learning

Creativity abounds at Eton Academy. One way this takes shape is through Eton Academy's art program.

Art classes provide hands on learning, sensory integration and creative problem-solving.

In Eton Academy's art room, we celebrate mistakes as learning. Because in art and life, mistakes can produce some of the most significant discoveries. Creative people often get new ideas by this method.

Art also is used to benefit the community, as students participate in service-learning by making individual and collaborative art for donations used at Eton Academy fundraising events, as well as out in the community at large.


Exploring Student Creativity

Art instruction covers various media and techniques and includes art concepts with cross-curricular lessons to reinforce learning. A large part of assessment in the upper school art program is the critique. Students get constructive feedback from teacher during studio time, then, students hang their work and participate in peer review. Students take in ideas from classmates and apply them to improve their work.

Students learn many techniques, or "the how-to," which gives them the power to apply their new skills to creative tasks. Eton's art teacher accommodates student interests, incorporates and considers student ideas, and plans lessons to meet the needs of the class.


In Their Words, Why Students Love Art

"In Art Club, I love being able to work freely on my projects and being able to choose as a group what we want to try. My favorite has been working on the pinatas because it was a ton of fun watching how my iguana pinata 'transformed' as we worked further each week." - Julian, Middle School student

"I like that we have time during activity hour to come in and get extra help or spend more time completing our studio projects. I often need extra time to get my work done and at Eton, I have that opportunity." - Lexi, Upper School student

"I've had other teachers that didn't give me real advice, they would just do it for me or tell me once and walk away. Miss Rohrbeck gives great constructive criticism. She makes us do it on our own, but helps us to understand how. I don't always like to hear that I have to change something at first, but it comes out better and I learn how to improve my artwork." -Richard, Upper School student