A Safe Place to Learn and Grow

The middle school years are complex. To be successful in school, middle school students need self-confidence and social skills. Not only are they learning, they're building a foundation of knowledge that will lead them into college and beyond. Daunting for any pre-teen and teenaged student, these years are even more complicated when combined with a learning challenge.

Being different from your peers can be devastating. Especially in a classroom where other students do not have a learning challenge. That difference often becomes the focus, which is damaging to an already fragile self-esteem.

At Eton Academy, our Middle School Program is designed to address the complexities of middle school -- specifically for that of the different learner. Eton ensures that students feel safe, supported and comfortable in school.


Personal Attention Makes the Difference

With no more than 10 students in any class, teachers get to know their students well. Teachers provide guidance in daily social interaction, peer relationships and social awareness.

Eton's specially trained teachers deliver lessons in a multi-sensory way and teach to concept mastery. This way, students truly learn the skills needed to build a foundation for future academic success.

While teaching specific curriculum topics, teachers also skillfully incorporate instruction on critical life skills, such as:

  • Organization
  • Goal Setting
  • Social Skills
  • Team Work
  • Positive Behavior
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Advocacy


No More Going to the LRC

Many students say that going to special education services, also known as the "LRC" can cause embarrassment. They also miss lessons, as they shuttle from room to room. With Eton's small class size, students don't have to go to "LRC."

Special services are provided within class, reducing the loss of learning that results from going back and forth to different rooms. It also aids in putting all students on level ground socially. By not pointing out any one student for his or her challenges, it's a positive social experience.


Options for Moving into Middle School

One of the most difficult parts of moving into middle school from elementary school is the daily transitions -- changing classes, changing teachers, moving around and managing your day. It may cause anxiety, and some students just aren't ready. Yet, they're ready to learn at the level of middle school.

This is why Eton Academy has two Middle School Programs, Traditional and Transition.


The Transition Middle School Program provides just the right pace and extra guidance for students who need to ease into the faster-paced world of middle school.

Offering the simplicity of a single homeroom class, the Transition Middle School Program is designed for students who can benefit from additional time in a homeroom setting.

The classes and curriculum are the same as the Traditional Program. Yet, the Transition Program allows for additional instruction to develop students' ability and confidence in handling the daily transitions of switching classes and teachers. Extra emphasis on teaching organizational skills and time management helps students prepare for entry into the Traditional Program.
The Traditional Middle School Program matches the academic course level with each student's needs regardless of their grade level. Therefore, students are intermixed in middle school classes.

Level-specific literacy instruction is presented two class periods a day. These periods include the Language!TM Program, Reading Comprehension, Composition and/or Literature. Science, mathematics and social studies are taught daily.

Science and social studies curricular offerings presented to students in a three-year rotation. Elective courses ranging from study skills to yoga are offered during eighth hour. Students participate in physical education classes daily, and art classes are offered weekly.