The Magic of Music

Music can be a magical learning experience for many students.

Music is inherently multi-sensory, as it can be learned visually, auditorily and tactilely. It is also a dynamic subject that provides many alternative learning strategies. As many popular studies show, when we nurture our musical intelligence, it has a positive effect on learning in other academic areas.

Music at Eton

Eton provides the opportunity for students to sing, play instruments, listen and move to music, read rhythmic notation and work cooperatively on musical performances.

Currently, Eton provides a general music component for the lower school, a music club option for the middle school and a choir for the upper school. Classes and clubs vary depending on the interests and talents of the students.

Our music curriculum gives children a chance to use, improve and exhibit their musical talents.

Variety Appeals to Diverse Talent

Some students just love to sing. Some students love to play the instruments. Some students love to move to the music. Some students love nothing better than to listen to music. While some students love to show that they can read the rhythmic notation.

Perhaps it is that they are allowed an opinion; a chance to choose their favorites.

How many times does a teacher hear, "Can we do that again?!" It happens here, in the Eton music classroom.

When it does, it's magic.