Exercise and Movement, More is Better

All bodies benefit from exercise and movement, and exercise is good for brains, too!

Eton Academy's physical education program is designed with the whole wellness of a student in mind.

Gym classes get students moving for 40 minutes. It's a safe outlet to express themselves physically, release energy, and to calm their bodies.

All students in grades 1-9 attend gym class nearly every day. Students in grades 10-12 also have numerous opportunities to choose to participate in exercise activities through Eton's athletic program.

Eton's physical education teachers work together as a team, dividing the classes into groups. They match skill levels of students, ensuring safety and greater personalization for each child. In addition, PE teachers explore how physical movement can help sensory issues, addressing specific needs of their students.


Creating a Positive Experience for All Students

Promoting a positive experience with exercise for all students, PE teachers focus on good sportsmanship, positive attitudes, team building and personal initiative. Activities are customized by the PE teachers, to ensure no one is left out. As is needed, games and activities are modified.

The goal is to have students leave gym class feeling good about themselves and their physical abilities, at every level.

As is the norm at Eton, students with differences in abilities are understood and supported by teachers and peers. This accepting environment provides and ideal foundation for developing self-confidence along with a love of exercise for years to come.