Extra Emphasis, Extraordinary Results

One of Eton Academy's keys to success is our emphasis on two critical components to learning -- literacy education and student development.

When students receive this specialized support, the ability to grow and learn can increase exponentially. Unfortunately for many students, the reverse is also true ... which can be one reason students struggle in schools that do not address these needs fully.

Eton is committed to providing this specialized support to our students. So much so, that two pillars in Eton's educational program are the Literacy Department and and Student Development Department.

Literacy is taught through a school-wide, cross-curricular program, impacting every student at Eton, in nearly every class they take. In addition, Eton's literacy teachers provide personalized instruction to address specific student literacy learning goals.

Student Development offers social-skills education and emotional support for in-school student needs, promoting a positive environment for learning.

When you combine this emphasis on specialized support with personalized instruction, you have a school that is truly designed to support the needs of its students. You have Eton Academy.