School Should Feel Safe, Not Scary

It's an unfortunate reality that school can be a place of great fear and anxiety for students with learning challenges; often they have been teased or ostracized by their peers at previous schools.

When a student doesn't have self-confidence, it's hard to learn or make friends. And when a student believes he or she can't learn or make friends, it's hard to have self-confidence.

That cycle is something Eton Academy believes has to stop. Students must feel comfortable and emotionally safe, in order to learn. This is why Student Development is such an important component of the Eton Academy educational program.

Dedicated to Student Development, Socially and Emotionally

Eton's Student Development Specialist leads a team of school psychologists and works with the remainder of the faculty to ensure students have the optimum social ability possible, helping them learn and build self-confidence.

Our Student Development Program consists of:

  • In School Emotional Support -- Providing emotional support for students' academic and social issues.
  • Social Skills Development -- Delivering a formal program to identify and improve social skill deficits, while teaching students the skills needed to improve peer relationships.

Providing In-School Emotional Support

In this part of the Student Development Program, alleviating anxiety associated with homework, tests and other academic pressures is the goal. Students are taught relaxation techniques and other strategies to address the emotional aspect of school work. In addition, assistance with peer relationships is provided.

If it impacts the student's academic day, Eton Academy supports students as they apply strategies to manage peer relationships. Or, if for any reason the students are unable to resolve conflict, Eton's professionals will aid the students to not only reach a resolution, but also learn from the experience -- building the skills needed to interact with others, navigate peer relationships and solve problems independently.

Teaching Social Skills

The Student Development Program addresses the need for students to be taught specific social skills. Research continues to point to social competence as an indicator for success in life.

From recognizing social cues, being sensitive to socially accepted behaviors, to understanding social contracts ... these important skills can be learned, practiced and improved.

The Student Development Program's structure is designed in a way that supports the unique needs of the student or group. This includes:

  • Working in groups with peers
  • Participating in classroom activities that promote a social skill being taught
  • Experiencing the benefit of regular reinforcement and encouragement on a one-on-one basis

With Eton's personalized approach, our Student Development Program provides the tools needed for students to improve and grow socially.