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Please Submit Photos for the 2020-2021 School Yearbook

Each year, Eton puts together the school yearbook, comprised of student portraits and photos submitted by parents, teachers, and family members. We need your help to show off what students have been up to throughout the year.
If you've taken photos at any of the virtual events or classroom parties, please share your best shots for possible inclusion in the Yearbook. 
We suggest that photos be at least 300 dpi (which means, most files under 1 MB won't have enough detail for printing). 
To help us out, please follow these guidelines:
  • Send files of at least 300+ dpi or 1+ MB
  • Please include the student name, age, and teacher
  • Send via email as file attachments (or file share link) to Ricky Tevdoski:
  • Or, if they are too big, you can share files using Google Share