Lower School Student is Head of School for the Day

Learn how Daphne spent her day as Eton's Head of School.
Daphne Doughterty, an Eton Lower School student, had the opportunity to spend the day as Head of School, an experience that infuses leadership development and taking in the ideas of the student to impact the entire school. Winning students spend time planning out the day with Mr. Pullen, and his assistant, Ms. Denise Saccaro, to ensure it is filled with some whole-school fun, and some leadership opportunities for each student to grow in their education.

Daphne had several ideas that she wanted to bring to her day "to make sure it was fair for everyone to participate and enjoy." She baked and decorated cookies with Ms. Saccaro to hand out to teachers, administrators and, of course, her mom. "My mom loves the color pink, so I wanted to make a very special cookie for her."

Additional plans included treating the Lower School teachers to coffee, a whole-school ice cream party, and Lower School bubble party at the end of the day. As a part of the tradition of Head of School for the Day, Daphne handed out coveted homework passes to each advisory. 

Daphne also learned how the business office works, helped sign thank you letters to donors, and crafted the weekly message for Eton families. She also taught Betsy Pilon, Director of Public Relations, all about Minecraft.