Middle School Students & Teachers Share Talents

Every Wednesday, students and staff shine.
This year, Eton's Middle School is celebrating the talents of both the students and staff in a unique and community-building way. Each Wednesday, a student or staff member shares one of their many talents, working through the Eton Essentials to build confidence and anchor students in their strengths, with the entire division. Some take the stage to share music, dance, or performing arts. Some speak about their interests and what they are most proud of.

Recently, Brooke, an 8th grade student, shared her passion and talents for percussion. The Eton auditorium and stage were transformed into one of the best rock venues and Brooke beamed as she received a standing ovation for her performance. 

"To see her light up through sharing her gifts, seeing the reaction from the other students, and knowing how much bravery it took to share that, it had me in tears," shared Candi Wanicke, Middle School Director. 

Students aren't the only ones who share. Siobham McKinney, Middle School teacher, also shared her talents on the irish harp on another Wednesday. 

"It's something I've always done. Sharing music and celebrating the Irish heritage in my family is very important. It was very special for me to share it with my students and colleagues," stated McKinney.