Upper El Students Grow Drama Talents

New elective takes center stage.
What started earlier this year with roughly ten students in an optional elective, has grown to roughly 25 students participating in the Upper El Drama Club. With two performances under their belt, including the recent "Sneetches", students, staff and parents delighted in growing this new group of young actors. A much anticipated final production will be announced later in the school year.

"It has been amazing to see the response to this elective. Each student is finding they might have a new strength and passion that they didn't know about before. We are thrilled when we can help students find those strengths to anchor themselves in, express themselves in new and positive ways, and share their gifts with others," stated Samantha Samuels, who directed the students.

There were also new opportunities with the latest production that included others who may not be comfortable acting, but do have a passion for set design and creation, allowing for more involvement and skill set development.