Science of Learning Symposium

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Join us October 16, 2018
8 am - noon

For over the past three decades Eton Academy has been a leader in teaching and learning. The Science of Learning Symposium offers the community an opportunity to explore the neuroscience behind how our brains work and how it impacts student learning. The symposium will help parents, teachers, and professionals better meet the needs of students. 

Symposium topics that will be explored:

How do students learn best?
How does the social and emotional impact your child in and out of school?
What is the science of dyslexia and what parents and teachers can do?
How can mindfulness enhance learning?
How are the best learning strategies for teachers to support students?

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Roger Lauer, Director, Center for Neuropsychology, Learning, and Development

Other Featured Speakers:
Penelope Christianson-Hewer, Head of Academic Programs at Eton Academy
Jamie Gannon, Lower School Director, Eton Academy
Rachel Stewart, Learning Support Services, Eton Academy
Ellen Tatone, Director of the Hartmann-Eton Center for Teaching and Learning
Laurie Pullen, Coordinator, Mindfulness and Innovation, Cranbrook Schools
Melanie Mazzola, Director of Student Support Services, Eton Academy

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