Eton Student Leaders Honored

Rhonda Walker & WDIV Surprise!
Eton Academy had a special visit from Rhonda Walker of WDIV for her segment called "Rhonda's Brag Book". She heard by way of one of our teachers about our students at Eton Academy, and surprised two of them on camera today.
Cate Agley and Dickson Mogaka were highlighted for their leadership, volunteerism, kindness and pursuit of personal, emotional and academic excellence.
One of the most heartwarming and enjoyable moments about this visit was watching how all of our students, teachers and community came together to celebrate the recognition of these two students. Rhonda Walker commented several times on how kind, warm, welcoming, smart and genuine our students are and was impressed with our school and our mission. She has already discussed her return to visit with more Eton students. 
If you'd like to check out Rhonda's segment, you can click here. You can check out Rhonda's Facebook LIVE video by clicking here.
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