Planning a Summer to Encourage Learning and Development

Make your kids summer the best yet
Summer is right around the corner. Most parents have a challenge to plan a summer that is filled with fun, but allows kids to be kids. If there are learning differences, that can add another element to what might need to be included to prevent the summer slide and improve on different skills. Here are some of our tried and true suggestions that help kids enjoy summer and work on building confidence and skill sets, and on a budget for all ages and abilities.

Make it Multisensory - Connect activities to all the senses: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile.
  • Sidewalk Chalk: The options are endless and sidewalk chalk is ageless. Get your kids involved in math, literacy, and science through different sidewalk chalk games.
  • Dig into Nature: Plant a garden and use the scientific method for discovery and exploration.
  • Cooking and Baking: Work on fractions, measurements, and multi-step directions and processes through cooking and baking up new fun summer recipes.

Getting Inspiration & Motivation - We ask a lot of our kids. Getting inspired and motivated to continue learning after they work so hard during the school year can be difficult. Have your student be a part of the planning team and set some personal goals and celebrate the wins!
  • Journaling: Writing can be tedious, or down right frustrating. Help them pick a journal that will motivate their interests.
  • Learn Together: Find the time to learn something new together. Go to a local craft class in your neighborhood. Look for a weekend drop-in class. Typically they are short, inexpensive, and for all ages.
  • Screen Time can be OK:  Instead of just using screens for games or shows, encourage the use of apps to present what they learn in video or presentation form, building a new skill set.

Community Enrichment Programs - Local Park & Recreation programs can help build confidence, skills, social relationships, and FUN in the summer.
  • Summer at the Library: Summer literacy camps are in full swing at your community libraries. Check out the reading incentives and other programs to help boost your child's summer.
  • Special Skills Day Camps: Many local clinics put on summer handwriting, social skills, executive functioning, ADHD and academic day camps. Try one for a week and see what works best for your child.
  • Anchor Their Strengths: Minecraft, coding, robot building, LEGOS, and more. There is a camp for every interest. Find one for your student to enjoy.
  • Dedicated Instruction: Whether it’s a processing challenge or difficulty with organization, proper instruction will help your child succeed. Specialized tutoring is a great way to help.

Tip for Camps: Does your student need accommodations? Have a conversation with program teachers ahead of time to ensure your student’s needs are met and any accommodations are talked through. See if you can set up a meet and greet with the program director so your child can feel at ease starting this new adventure.

Have a great Summer!

Eton Academy has been serving students who learn differently in Metro Detroit for over 30 years, based in Birmingham, Michigan. For more information on Eton’s summer programs, tutoring and day school, visit Etonacademy.org/visitus, or call 248-642-1150.
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