Alumni Mentor Day

Bringing networking and experience to current students
Eton Academy recently hosted its annual Alumni Mentor Day, where ten alumni came to share their experiences in life after high school with current Eton students.

"This year we had ten alumni spanning twenty years - from 1998 to 2018 - sharing their life paths with our students. The diversity of interests and paths to success, as well as their individual stories and connections from Eton Academy really positively impacted our Upper School students," stated Mallory Opiela, Alumni Coordinator.

Students had an opportunity to hear from the alumni in a panel format, and then spent time practicing networking skills they learned through their Eton Essentials classes in a mixer format.

"The students had excellent questions, were confident, and showed genuine interest in what we had to say. It was a wonderful chance to give back, and come back to a place that always feels like home," stated Brandon Russo, Class of 2018, a sophomore in Michigan State University's horticulture program.

Alumni in attendance included:
  • Amanda Akers, Class of 2017 (Sophomore at Madonna University, majoring in Social Work and American Sign Language)
  • Ethan Perlman, Class of 2014 (Bowling Green State University alumni, sports radio broadcasting)
  • Brandon Roger, Class of 2008 (Engineering Professional)
  • Caitlin Goyer, Class of 2014 (Senior at Madonna University, Gerontology, working for the Alzheimer's Association)
  • Julia Apsey, Class of 2010 (Oakland University alumni, HR Management professional)
  • Brandon Russo, Class of 2018 (Michigan State University horticulture program)
  • Dan Bryan, Class of 2007 (Communication Professional)
  • Andy Cohn, Class of 2015 (Aeronautics Mechanic)
  • Roman Aronov, Class of 2015 (Pharmacology Technician)
  • Mason Petty, Class of 1998 (Marine Veteran & Real Estate Professional)
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