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Remote Learning Support

Eton Tutor Pros are Available
During this time of remote learning, many families are feeling anxious about the prospect of enacting home learning plans, especially for students who may learn differently. Eton Tutor Pros are here to help. Through remote tutoring, and because all are Eton-trained, our tutors are ready 7 days a week to help your family in a variety of ways to support learning at home.

We also hosted a recent Q&A on remote tutoring you may find helpful by clicking here.

Tutoring from experienced Eton Tutor Pros can include:
  • Getting help setting daily routines and schedules
  • Getting support from someone outside of you and your family, to help engage learning
  • Setting up regular check-ins to keep students on track
Remote tutoring is delivered through platforms you are already using such as Google Meet and Zoom, depending on your needs.

Reach out today to explore how Eton Tutor Pros can be the extra hands you need to feel supported during this time.

Contact Ellen Tatone, CTL Director, at
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