Student Life
Summer Programs 2021

Morning Academic Program


June 28th-July29th
9:00 am-11:45 am 

This five-week program focuses on building foundational skills in reading, writing, math, and technology. Each class is structured with approximately 30-minutes of direct/guided instruction and approximately 15 minutes of application time with teacher support. Students enrolled in this program will participate in all three classes throughout their mornings (literacy, math, and technology). Students may attend virtually if needed.  

Students will identify and explore writing genres and their purposes in the literacy portion of this summer program. By using the Step Up To Writing process, students will learn and practice strategies to write summaries, respond to input, and craft essays at their writing level. Students will also practice using reading comprehension and decoding strategies with various texts. Eton teachers will help students build on their foundational math skills at the appropriate level and area(s) of challenge while applying math concepts to solve real-world problem scenarios. Additionally, students will learn to use assistive technology resources to support their reading, writing, and math skills during the school year.