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Welcome Letter from the Head

Welcome to Eton Academy!

At Eton, we believe a school is more than classrooms and lunchrooms, books and lockers. A school is more than a building held together by brick and mortar. At Eton, we believe a school is a foundation. A foundation for students to grow into the thinkers, the leaders, and the get-out-and-doers who keep our lives evolving and our world moving.

At Eton Academy, we know that students who learn differently may find the structure of traditional schools almost impossible to manage. But at Eton, we don't believe in the impossible. We believe in looking at every student as an individual with extraordinary gifts and potential. We know that when educators understand the strength and beauty in students various differences, years of frustration can flourish into years of focus and success.

Eton educators don't believe in the structure or rules of traditional schools. We believe that we can and should change any structure or rule that get in the way of a students ability to learn. At Eton, we use a research-based instructional program that we call the Eton Approach®. Within the Eton Approach®, students are empowered to use assistive technologies to help overcome obstacles in their learning. We believe that exceptional teaching is the key to student success; therefore, Eton teachers have trainers and coaches who facilitate ongoing teacher growth to ensure that every student receives exactly what he or she needs to be successful. We believe that everything we do in the classroom leads to success outside of it. Students don't just learn reading, writing, mathematics, art, music, physical education, science and history; they develop essential learning skills, social skills, and self-awareness techniques that help them branch out and thrive beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Above all, we believe in kindness. We know that students succeed best in an environment that is safe, nurturing, and free from judgment. Our compassionate, patient, never-say-never community of educators is dedicated to helping students overcome obstacles with constant encouragement.

I have the honor and privilege to work with courageous students, dedicated educators, and committed parents every day. It is my hope that we can help your student and family.

Welcome to Eton Academy and enjoy your continued exploration of our website.

Warm regards,

Pete Pullen
Head of School