Specialized Support Services

Library Services

Library Services Customized for Eton Students.

Every school has a library. But not every school has a library set up specifically to serve students who learn differently. Our librarian takes extra care to ensure Eton's library accommodates all learners. From special visuals, to Playaway electronic story players, to the latest cutting-edge research to help our students, our library is more than just a place for students to find a book.

On any given day, you'll find our Lower School students enjoying their favorite literary characters in the Detroit Pistons storytime court. You'll find students working on learning how to dig through credible sources for their school work.

And, you'll find enjoyment from students who previously found reading frustrating, and now can't put down the latest book.

Our librarian works with our faculty and staff to provide a variety of assistive devices and technologies to aid in the learning process.