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Teacher Training

Training Makes all the Difference

Eton Academy is successful at helping students who learn differently because we invest hundreds of hours into our teachers to ensure they have the training they need in brain-based instruction to help our students find success.

Eton Academy takes immense pride in being mission-driven and guided by our Eton Approach® Guiding Principles.

Teacher Training Stages

Teacher Training at Eton is framed in stages to ensure each teacher is able to successfully implement our brain-based approach to teaching and learning. 

Teacher Training and Support at Eton Academy

We believe that learning is and should be an ongoing process. Eton Academy's Training, Learning and Coaching division supports our teachers to continually learn and practice their instructional skills and implement the Eton Approach® effectively. All teachers participate in ongoing trainings. Several people are involved in the support and training of teachers, working in conjunction with TLC.