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Providing an Exceptional Education

Subject-Specific Curriculum is introduced and taught in three student divisions: Lower School (grades 1-6), Middle School (grades 7-8) and Upper School (grades 9-12). Subject-specific curriculum at Eton Academy is not based on one specific state, regional or national curriculum standard.

Instead, Eton educators use the curricular frameworks developed by various national associations in various subhect areas, the national Core Curriculum standards, and the Michigan Department of Education curriculum standards to continuously develop the Eton Approach® subject-specific curriculum.

Math Curriculum
Eton Academy's math program works to build foundational knowledge leading to lifelong success in math and in daily problem solving. In grades 1-8, we work to address the needs of students by starting where they are in their math knowledge and skill, rather than placing them according to arbitrary grade level classes. Classes address a wide range of concepts and skills, and range from our early math classes in the Lower School, through Calculus in our Upper School. 

Science Curriculum
The science department strives to develop a clear understanding of the principles and practice of science that our students can use in every day life. The progarm provides students with the opportunity to engage, explore, explain, and extend scientific concepts through a hands-on, inquiry-based approach. Experimentation, model building, collaborative learning and research are several of the venues students participate in. 

Social Studies Curriculum
The social studies department promotes student's curiosity and understanding of curricular concepts by fostering personal connections to class content. The curriculum works to develop the skills needed to be active and informed citizens in the future. Teachers use a variety of resources (text, multimedia, experiential, etc.) to help student build self-awareness and have a better understanding of their place in the modern world.

Language Arts Curriculum
Language Arts curriculum at Eton icnludes the Eton Essentials Literacy Foundations, Readings in Literature and Literature courses. The objectives of the department are to directly and explicitly teach literacy concepts to students that will serve our students in a variety of fields throughout their lives. These concepts include basic skills of reading and writing and building up to complexities of language.