Parent Perspective


When choosing a school environment for students who learn differently, there are common threads that are woven through each parent experience. Families routinely speak of the transformation that not only happened for their student, but for their entire family. Hours upon hours of frustration melts away. Confidence, self-esteem and happiness return for their student. Family time is now spent with enjoyment. Homework is manageable. Extra appointments can be stopped. Is Eton worth it? Here are a few perspectives.

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  • Jeff & Angel Lau

    Parents to Quincy
    Lower School Student
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  • Lisa Ferrari

    Parent of Cole
    Middle School Student
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  • Ann Callahan

    Parent to Karen & Kate
    Middle School Students
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  • Michael Ann Wolf

    Parent to Grace
    Upper School Student
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  • Michael & Stephanie Dougherty

    Parents to Rowan & Daphne
    Lower School Students
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  • Nicolena Inniss-Stubbs

    Parent to Zavier & Soren
    Middle & Upper School Students
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