Discover Eton


We believe that every student who comes through our doors has the undeniable potential to learn. Students who call Eton Academy home learn differently -- their brains are simply wired differently and they are smart and capable of achieving great things.

Families find Eton because their students don’t fit into a rigid, square box of learning.

They learn best by experiencing concepts - through visual, auditory, movement and hands-on approaches.

Eton Academy is not your average school, and Eton students are above average students. They are kind, smart complex problem solvers.

Why? Because the traditional way schools are structured doesn’t work with their brains.

Eton Academy is a place where the impossible becomes possible. Where words like dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD melt into strategies to self-advocate, anchor students in their strengths and decode the learning challenges that students are faced with.