Specialized Support Services

Learning Support Services

Specialized, Individual Education Goals

In a traditional school, students may be pulled to the other side of a school building to receive academic resource support services. This is not only disruptive to the student's day, but it can be stigmatizing.

At Eton, our individualized, short-term approach to work on specific learning goals is carried forward through our Learning Support Services division (LSS).

Eton's LSS teachers work cohesively with classroom teachers to provide intensive academic support, in a compassionate and supportive way. The unique nature of this program is in the identification of a specific learning challenge, developing a targeted, short-term plan to overcome the challenge, and teaching how to transfer the skills taught into the classroom and the rest of the student's life, utilizing the principles of the Eton Approach®.

Building Seamless Support

LSS workspaces are located throughout each Division, so students never have to travel far to work on their goals. 

In our Lower School, we've even built this concept right into the bricks and mortar. Each two classrooms share a flex space where one-to-one and small group instruction can take place, blending with the classroom instruction model and providing targeted support. 

Program Highlights

  • Short-term specific, targeted academic goals
  • One-to-one or small group instruction
  • Cohesive planning with classroom teachers
  • Research-based methodologies