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Welcome to the Upper School!

Personal Attention Makes the Difference

We are a school where the second row, is the last row. Our students aren't lost in a classroom with 30 others fighting for a teacher's attention and instruction.

Our students are taught to self-advocate, harness their strengths and lead with kindness, generosity, and a spirit that is palpable. Their brains just happen to learn differently. And we help them figure out how to use that to their advantage.

Students, families, faculty and staff work together to guide, encourage and collaborate for each student's success. Each success is celebrated. With a class size of 10 or fewer, teachers get to really know each of their students, by:
  • Developing unique activities that encourage a student's individual strengths
  • Pinpointing deficit areas that need remediation
  • Reviewing each student's profile, assessing strengths and weaknesses
  • Using assistive technology to address a student's challenge
Students are encouraged to advocate for projects and programs they want to see in the school, develop a business plan, present it to administration, and work with school leadership to implement. These are the future community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and communicators of our world. 

Life Goals, as Unique as Each Student

As each student is unique, so are their goals.

Eton's graduation rate is 100 percent. In addition, the majority of Eton graduates -- more than 93 percent -- continue on to college or post-secondary education.

In contrast, consider these national statistics regarding students with Learning Disabilities (provided by the National Center for Learning Disabilities).
  • 23 percent continue to 2-year colleges
  • 11 percent continue to 4-year colleges 
  • 38.7 percent drop out of high school
At Eton, destinations for graduates include:
  • Universities 
  • Private College
  • Community Colleges
  • Post-secondary specialized schools
  • Military
  • Workforce
Regardless of the direction selected, Eton Academy Upper School students receive the personal attention they need to help guide them as they make decisions and set the course for their futures. Our College and Life Prep Manager meets with all juniors and seniors to discuss and develop their goals. 

Upper School Director

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    Diana Pode-DeGroot 

    Upper School Director
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Program Highlights:

  • Serving students in grades 9-12
  • Fully-accredited curriculum and program earning a Michigan diploma
  • Eton Essentials life preparation curriculum woven into advisory 
  • Dedicated resources:
    • To help students plan for their future and transition smoothly to their next educational or life pursuit
    • To identify and apply for accommodations for the ACT or SAT
    • To encourage community involvement and a spirit of volunteerism