Learning Center

Teacher Training & Coaching

The Right Tools and Training Make the Difference.

All educators have the same mission; we strive to help students realize their potential. Our teacher training and coaching program enables us to share our expertise and work, as equal partners, with other educators to achieve that mission. This partnership enables us to provide training and coaching on research-based methodologies, that support the different learning styles and abilities of all students. We are the resource that administrators and teachers know and trust as the area leader in understanding the diverse population of learners that we have in schools.

Our Services

Trainings at Schools and Districts 
  • Customized workshops delivered at each school that are designed to help teachers better meet students and achieve school and district strategic goals. 
  • Full-year training and coaching program customized for the school or district that is guided by a CTL Learning and Coaching Specialist throughout the year

Individual Workshops

  • ADHD 
  • Dyslexia 
  • Processing and Executive Functioning 
  • Learning Strategies 
  • Social and Emotional Needs