Music Activates All Parts of Your Brain.

Music, Magic and Academic Growth

All you have to do is attend one of Eton's All-School Music Concerts to see the magic that comes together with music and academics. Nurturing musical intelligence in students can positively impact other areas of learning such as: cognitive development, social skills, and academic achievement.

Additionally, music can be a real magical learning experience for many students.

Music is:
  • Inherently multi-sensory. It can be learned visually, auditorily and tactilely.
  • A dynamic subject and it provides many alternative learning strategies.
Music at Eton

The Music Curriculum at Eton provides the opportunity for students to sing, play instruments, listen and move to music, read rhythmic notation and work cooperatively on musical performances. Additionally, our music curriculum gives children a chance to use, improve and exhibit their musical talents.

Students also experience music outside of Eton - attending field trips such as playing along with the Ann Arbor Symphony, performing at local retirement communities, and listening to guest musicians.

Variety Appeals to Diverse Talent

Some students just love to sing. Some students love to play instruments. Some students love to move to the music. Some students love nothing better than to listen to music. While some students love to show that they can read the rhythmic notation.

Perhaps it is that they are allowed an opinion; a chance to choose their favorites.

How many times does a teacher hear, "Can we do that again?!" It happens here, in the Eton music classroom. And when it does, it is magic!

Music Teacher

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Program Highlights:

Lower School
  • Weekly music classes
  • Vocal and instrumental opportunities
  • Music field trips
  • 5/6 grade instrumental band program

Middle School
  • After school music club
  • Instrumental band program
  • Vocal chorus club

Upper School
  • Instrumental band program
  • Vocal chorus club
  • Music appreciation class