Specialized Support Services

Student Development Services

Developing the Whole Student.

Students navigating a system and world that is built for a linear brain sometimes need to learn how their unique and wonderful mind can flourish. Many students come to Eton with shattered confidence from years of not feeling they can learn, let alone thrive, which can significantly impact their learning, even more than an identified learning difference.

From the moment students walk in the door, to the moment they walk out, our team is partnering with families, students and teachers to ensure each student is getting what they need both socially and emotionally.

The Paula and Mark LaNeve Student Development Services (SDS) Division at Eton Academy provides support, interventions, and guidance to students with a focus on each student’s social, emotional, and transition needs.

The SDS Team includes:
  • Three team coordinators
  • Lunch and Recess teachers
  • After Care teachers
  • College & Life Prep Manager
  • ACT Coordinator
  • School Clinical Psychologist
Eton Essentials and Eton’s Life Prep Curriculum are the programming anchors that Eton uses to ensure that students are as prepared as possible to successfully transition into their life’s next learning and life experience.

Students are directly and explicitly taught to:
  • Be self-aware
  • Be resilient
  • Manage relationships
  • Rally in school and life
  • Self-advocate for their needs

SDS Coordinators

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  • Photo of Amy Ostrand

    Amy Ostrand 

    248-642-1150 x440

School Psychologist

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    Tom Hulbert 

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Program Highlights:

  • Provide social and emotional support to students.
  • Ensure successful transitions and skill development.
  • Help students discover their interests and passions.
  • Provide real world experience for discovery and practice.