Essentials of Learning

Essentials of Learning Curriculum

Eton Essentials is the lens through which we approach teaching and learning. The Eton Essentials represent essential skills necessary for life success. 

The Eton Essentials are made up of four main areas:

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  • Fundamentals of Learning

    Fundamentals are the foundational skills of the Essentials Curriculum.

    The fundamentals include metacognition, transfer of skills, strategy use, self-monitoring, and problem solving.
  • Learning Skills

    The skills and strategies used to support growth of one's innate capabilities and attributes to achieve academic and life success.

    Learning Skills include assistive technology, memory, organization, attention, sensory and global learning skills.
  • Literacy

    Literacy Foundations: Comprehensive literacy curriculum designed to build foundational reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

    Content Literacy: represents the Literacy Foundations concepts to be applied in all school settings.
  • Self-actualization

    Using personal attributes and building skills and strategies to strive toward the best version of one's self to lead a successful life.

    Self-actualization includes advocacy, self-awareness, goal setting, and social cognition.