Beautiful Minds Create Beautiful Masterpieces.

Art Benefits Students

Creativity abounds through the Art Program at Eton Academy.

Art involves "hands-on" learning through sensory integration and creative problem-solving. Without even noticing, art students are constantly being challenged to solve problems, building the life-long skills of reasoning and understanding. 

And, at Eton, we celebrate creativity, especially when it involves mistakes. Because mistakes, in both art and life, can produce the most significant discoveries, unlocking and leading to advances in learning.

Art Benefits the Community

At Eton, our art also benefits the community. Students participate in service-learning by making individual and collaborative art for donations used at Eton Academy fundraising events, as well as out in the community at large.

Art Instruction
  • Using various types of media, techniques and art concepts, we reinforce cross-curricular lessons to further build learning. A large part of learning, especially in the Upper School Art program involves the assessment and critique of student-produced art. 
  • Constructive feedback from the teacher occurs during studio time. Next, students participate in peer review of their art and apply the ideas from their classmates to further improve their art. 
  • Students learn many techniques, or "the how-to," which gives them the power to apply their new skills to creative tasks. Our Art Program accommodates student interests, incorporates and considers student ideas, and plans lessons to meet the needs and wants of the class.

Art Teacher

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    Michele Plafchan 

    Middle School Faculty/Art Teacher
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Program Highlights:

  • Serving students in grades 1-12
  • Encouraging students to find their artistic voice
  • Anchor in interest and passion in art
  • Variety of mediums used: from sketching to ceramics
  • Exceptional mentoring for furthering artistic pursuits outside of Eton

Art Student Voices