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Consulting Services

You have amazing programs, we want to help you grow.
As a trusted partner in the community for over 30 years specializing in teaching students with learning differences, we want to be the trusted partner with your school, to provide consulting services that complement your incredible programs. Collaboration leads to innovation and greater success.

Our Goals

  • Assist administrators, teachers, and parents with their specific needs.
  • Provide information and recommendations as requested.
  • Share specific areas of expertise that further support student success.

CTL Staff

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Jamie Banner

    Jamie Banner 

    Director of Specialized Programs & Upper School Faculty
    248-642-1150 x400
  • Photo of Ellen Tatone

    Ellen Tatone 

    Chief Operating Officer
    248-642-1150 x131
Working with the CTL team to take a deep dive into how we serve students who learn differently in our school was a complete paradigm shift. The team gave us ideas that could be implemented to help our teachers help our students. It has made a significant impact on our school.