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Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School!

A Safe Place to Learn and Grow

The Middle School years are complex. Combine Middle School with a learning challenge and these years can be daunting.

Being different from your peers is tough, especially in a classroom where other students are "typical" learners. That difference often becomes the focus, which is damaging to an already fragile self-esteem.

At Eton Academy, our program is designed to address the complexities of middle school. Our students feel safe, supported and comfortable at Eton, allowing them the freedom to build self-confidence and social skills.

Personal Attention Makes the Difference

With fewer than 10 students in a class, Eton teachers know their students well, providing education and guidance in daily life, peer relationships and social awareness.

Eton's specially trained teachers strive to achieve concept mastery through multi-sensory instruction methodologies. While teaching specific curriculum topics, teachers skillfully incorporate instruction on critical life skills, resulting in future academic success.

Eton Essentials

Students begin and end their day in Advisory where they receive direct and explicit instruction in the Eton Essentials four days a week:
      • Goal-setting & Growth Mindset
      • Self-monitoring
      • Problem solving
      • Self-awareness
      • Advocacy
      • Attention
      • Resilience
      • Transfer of Skills

Middle School Director

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    Jamila Steward 

    Middle School Director
    248-642-1150 x202

Program Highlights:

  • Serving students in grades 7-8
  • Two class periods per day of level-specific literacy instruction including our Spell It! Language Program, Reading Comprehension, and Composition and/or Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Social Studies
  • Daily physical education classes
  • Art classes
  • Vocal and Instrumental Music opportunities
  • Middle School sports
  • Overnight camp
  • Dances & Dodgeball
  • Leadership Council