Student Life

Community Involvement

Cultivating Leadership through Giving Back.

Students at Eton don't just learn differently, they think differently about the world around them. Through leadership opportunities at every grade level, our students learn how to tackle problems and work as a community to solve them.

Whether it's collecting supplies for sick kids and delivering them with a smile to Children's Hospital, volunteering in a soup kitchen, raking leaves for Eton's neighborhood friends, or singing to lift the spirits of residents in a retirement community, our students are active beyond the walls of Eton.

Students are empowered at Eton to find ways to make the world a little brighter. And they are done so within the Eton Approach® where student come up with a strategic and tactical plan to implement their idea, schedule a pitch meeting with administrators, deliver their ideas, and work with the school to launch. 

Because we know that some of the most creative minds of our time also learned differently, and were able to harness the power of how their minds worked to come up with scientific breakthroughs, launch billion dollar organizations, create meaningful non-profit organizations and even host national talk shows. And we can't wait to see where student's anchor their passions.

Student Opportunities:

  • Student Leadership Council (all grades)
  • National Honor Society (eligible Upper School students)
  • Leaf Raking
  • Community Appreciation Programs
    • Lower School Kindness Spirit Week
    • Thank a Firefighter
    • Thank a Police Officer
  • Music Performances in the Community
  • Volunteering in an Animal Shelter
  • Senior Volunteer Days