Alumni Voices

Mason Petty

Musician, Marine, Realtor
Mason Petty, class of 1998, has experienced many things after Eton Academy. From pursuing music as a profession, to serving in the Marines, to building his real estate business with fellow different learners, he has found success utilizing strategies he learned at Eton Academy.

"Having ADD comes with some challenges. I am aware of what I am not strong in, but I am more aware of what strengths I have. I'm a people person, I'm a strong communicator, and I love making connections. Building a real estate company has allowed me to be creative and partner with others who have different strengths than I do, so we can collaborate and grow."

Recently, Mason had an opportunity to come back and share his journey with Eton Academy alumni, and tour the school which has changed significantly since he graduated.

"It is amazing to see the growth and the shift in the programming since I attended. I was very impressed with the music programming and the emphasis on anchoring students in their strengths."