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  • Cursive Writing in the Lower School

    Each month the Lower School engages in a thematic lesson as part of our Essentials of Learning curriculum. These lessons are centered around the LS theme "Practice Makes Progress." For September, students practiced writing in cursive. 
    According to the University of Michigan,  research has shown that lower-school cursive writing practice may significantly boost younger students' critical reading and writing skills. This past Thursday, students learned and practiced the letters of their names in cursive and then, in the afternoon, used paint to create cursive creations! Our students know it's not about perfection; it's about effort, and they did a fantastic job. 
  • Oakland University Visits Upper School

    Having a college visit can be an important part of the decision-making process. It is ideal to meet a college recruit and get a sense of the campus before applying. At the same time, the school can get to know the student in a way that goes beyond the paperwork.
    This week Oakland University visited the Upper School to share what attending could mean for their future. Students had an opportunity to ask questions and make a connection with the admissions staff.
  • Gilbert's Head of School Experience

    Gilbert was the Head of School for the Day. His key initiatives included:
    • Jeans and t-shirts or athletic wear for students and faculty
    • Ice cream for the Upper School Students
    • Upper School basketball game; a social hour for Upper School students who do not participate in basketball
    • Homework passes for the entire Upper School (they can use the pass in place of 1 homework assignment during the school year)
     "Being Head of School was so much fun. I loved being able to give homework passes, extra gym time, and give ice cream," said Gilbert. 
    The upper school students were thrilled to have Gilbert in charge because of the Homework pass, and having a basketball game was a great way to end the day of his power. 
  • Fun at the Back to School Social

    This week we had a celebratory welcome back for parents, students, faculty, and staff at our "Back to School Social." We had ice cream, hot dogs, games, and Mr. Pullen had a splash in the dunk tank. It was an excellent way for students to have fun and for parents, faculty, and staff to get to know each other better.  
    We also welcomed some new families to the Eton Community. When given the opportunity to engage with their student's learning, family members are eager and willing to do whatever they can to support their students! At Eton, we believe that families and teachers are the real superheroes, and their partnership creates the ultimate teaching superpower.
  • Congrats to the Class of 2021!

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