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Testing & Learning Maps

Testing & Learning Maps

When you know where to start with learning, students thrive. We understand that the mere identification of learning challenges is sometimes not enough to support student growth in the classroom. Our Learning Maps provide students, parents, and educators with the additional guidance that is needed to best meet students’ needs. Although Learning Mapping begins with traditional psychological testing, we take this process a step further by evaluating, specifically, how a student’s brain learns. Our results include specific recommendations on how to best support the student’s learning profile both in and out of the classroom.

Our Method

 Before we conduct any new assessments, the Learning Map Team reviews all current testing and feedback from teachers, parents or other professionals working with the student. 

  • Additional testing may be required after the classroom visit and review of previous testing. 
  • The Learning Map report is completed.

Our Team

  • Assist administrators, teachers, and parents with their specific needs.
  • Provide information and recommendations as requested.
  • Share specific areas of expertise that further support student success.